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Our Ambassadors & Friends



Present since the beginning of the Zealande adventure, or sharing the same passions as us for watchmaking, photography, attention to detail, the willingness to share and respect for others, they contribute on a daily basis to Zealande's visibility throughout the world... thank you all.

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Didier, you only have to look at his page INSTAGRAM or FLICKR to see his talent as a photographer.

Passionate about watchmaking, discover its sublime collection, high in variety and quality.

He has strongly participated in the photos on our website, thank you very much for your precious help my friend.

David, my faithful friend who has been passionate about watchmaking for many years, he regularly wears one of my favourite Rolexes, a superb GMT 16710...
Amateur also of Seiko, Tag Heuer, Meistersinger, Dietrich... do not hesitate to follow him.



Pascal, my faithful friend who has been passionate about cutlery and watchmaking since he was a child, has the art of photographing his knives and period objects like no one else...

He is a man of letters, he plays with words as with sharp objects...

Vintage? it's his favorite... so don't hesitate to follow him.

Aziz, the great sportsman of the team, always ready to put on his sneakers and run or cycle for many kilometres....
Compulsive watch consumer, you will find it difficult to keep up but you will always find an iconic model in his collection.
Some very nice pictures of his superb Rolex SD 16600 are on our website and check out his FLICKR gallery to discover his talents as a photographer.


Ferenc is our lawyer... yes, you know, these people who are dressed in a toga...

But he also has other talents... those of making us sublime photos of his exceptional collection... and I invite you to visit his PAGE, you will take a look at it...

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If you also want to become an Zealande Ambassador, feel free to send us an EMAIL with your motivations.

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