Looking for an Omega watch strap?

Discover the original, colourful and super comfortable Omega bracelets created by Zealande. Zealande is a French brand that creates high-end bracelets for exceptional watches. If you also have an Omega watch and are looking for an alternative to the official Omega watch strap then Zealande is the right brand for you.

Zealande and Omega watch bands, a long history

Alexandre, is an Omega watch enthusiast for many years.
What could be more normal, Omega watches represent one of the most beautiful creations that can be made in luxury watches. But you already knew this most certainly if you too are one of the lucky owners of an Omega watch.

After having acquired and tried several Omega watches, he thought one day that it would be more pleasant to change his bracelet to a coloured model. Not finding the omega watch strap of his dreams on the market, the founder of Zealande decided to take action and create his own bracelet for Omega watches with one goal in mind: to create the most comfortable bracelet in the world.

After several concepts and extensive design research, the ultra-comfortable FKM vulcanized rubber strap was born for a number of Omega models in several colours.

The most comfortable omega watch strap in the world?

This is no more and no less than Zealande's objective with its range of "Omega" bracelets. To offer you comfort, robustness and a choice of design and pleasant colours.
The comfort of Zealande bracelets comes from the assembly of only vulcanized and textured rubber to gently evacuate heat and friction with the skin.

By focusing on comfort and design, Zealande allows all Omega watch owners to change the strap of their watch according to their desires.
In addition to comfort, Zealande bracelets for Omega are guaranteed for life.

A comfortable but colourful omega bracelet

How to reconcile design and comfort? This question has been at the heart of the Zealande brand's innovation and creation process.
Today Zealande is proud to present you Omega bracelets in many ultra resistant colours.
Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and high-performance pigments, the colours of Omega bracelets are bright and durable over time. Goodbye to colours that fade after a few months. UV-resistant, Omega Zealande watch bands are a pure marvel of technology and manufacture to hold your watch gently on your wrist.



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