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Omega rubber strap

Looking for a rubber strap for your Omega? If you need a new strap for your Omega watch then discover Zealand rubber straps.

We have designed and manufactured our bracelets in top-of-the-range rubber so that they are 100% adapted to a modern life and a high level of comfort.

Replacing an Omega bracelet with a rubber one is technically simple but you have to choose your bracelet carefully! 

By choosing a Zealande bracelet for your Omega, you are choosing comfort, design and colours in the spirit of the times.

If you are a fan of Omega watches, then we have something in common. It was in fact by wanting to change the strap of his Omega Seamaster watch that the founder of Zealande, dissatisfied with the choice offered at the time by the manufacturers, decided to launch a range of high-end rubber bracelets.

Since then, our talented team has been designing and designing Zealande bracelets for Omega with maximum comfort in mind.

Why change the strap on your Omega?

There are many reasons to change the strap of your Omega watch to a rubber strap. The first reason is to want it! quite simply.

The second reason is a question of style. Matching the strap of your Omega watch with your shoes, belt or any other accessory brings chic and elegance. 

Zealande vulcanized FKM rubber is easily changed on your Omega watch and changing the strap is not very complicated and will allow you to renew your style and see your Omega watch in a new light.

Why take a Zealande rubber watch straps for Omega? 

Our rubber is an ultra high-end rubber called "FKM". It is anti-UV, anti allergy, anti-dust, ultra resistant.  In addition to being a high-tech product, we have associated a French designer and a desire for maximum comfort. The Zealande bracelet for Omega is the combination of design and technology for your greatest comfort. 

With which Omega models are Zealande bracelets compatible? 

The FKM rubber bracelets we manufacture are compatible with many Seamaster models. Our R&D team works every day to analyze the other Omega watch models and to make our rubber bracelets compatible with many other models. 

Concerning the Omega Seamaster, we have 8 models of bracelet 100% compatible and this, in 6 different colors.

You can enjoy an Omega with a white, red, green, blue, orange or black rubber strap.   

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