Omega® rubber strap

Looking for a rubber strap for your Omega®? If you need a new strap for your Omega® watch then discover Zealand rubber straps.

We have designed and manufactured our bracelets in top-of-the-range rubber so that they are 100% adapted to a modern life and a high level of comfort.

Replacing an Omega® bracelet with a rubber one is technically simple but you have to choose your bracelet carefully! 

By choosing a Zealande bracelet for your Omega®, you are choosing comfort, design and colours in the spirit of the times.

If you are a fan of Omega® watches, then we have something in common. It was in fact by wanting to change the strap of his Omega® Seamaster watch that the founder of Zealande, dissatisfied with the choice offered at the time by the manufacturers, decided to launch a range of high-end rubber bracelets.

Since then, our talented team has been designing and designing Zealande bracelets for Omega® with maximum comfort in mind.

Why change the strap on your Omega®?

There are many reasons to change the strap of your Omega® watch to a rubber strap. The first reason is to want it! quite simply.

The second reason is a question of style. Matching the strap of your Omega® watch with your shoes, belt or any other accessory brings chic and elegance. 

Zealande vulcanized FKM rubber is easily changed on your Omega® watch and changing the strap is not very complicated and will allow you to renew your style and see your Omega® watch in a new light.

Why take a Zealande rubber watch straps for Omega®? 

Our rubber is an ultra high-end rubber called "FKM". It is anti-UV, anti allergy, anti-dust, ultra resistant.  In addition to being a high-tech product, we have associated a French designer and a desire for maximum comfort. The Zealande bracelet for Omega® is the combination of design and technology for your greatest comfort. 

With which Omega® models are Zealande bracelets compatible? 

The FKM rubber bracelets we manufacture are compatible with many Seamaster models. Our R&D team works every day to analyze the other Omega® watch models and to make our rubber bracelets compatible with many other models. 

Concerning the Omega® Seamaster, we have 8 models of bracelet 100% compatible and this, in 6 different colors.

You can enjoy an Omega® with a white, red, green, blue, orange or black rubber strap.   

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